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Set against a backdrop of magnificent sea views and renowned as the largest in the Middle East, the Herzliya Marina, intermingles residential apartments, world-class dining, shopping and entertainment.

Just 20 minutes north from Tel Aviv, The Herzliya Marina offers luxury living and exclusivity. Each year, The Herzliya Marina attracts thousands of visitors from Israel and around the world .

The marina and its dock are packed with small boats and yachts. Recognised as an International port in 1995 it has since hosted hundreds of sailing vessels from around the world.

Sea lovers can enjoy a wide range of marine attractions including surfing, speedboats, yachts and more!

Whether you cruise on a private yacht with family and friends, charter a boat or stay on dry land, the Herzliya Marina offers its residents a wide variety of services.

Fashion lovers will enjoy the adjacent Arena Mall, boasting leading fashion and jewellery brands. A great complex conveniently located in the marina with a large supermarket and many cafes/restaurants.

The bustling atmosphere and wonderful weather in Israel allows the Herzliya Marina to host local and international sailing events, food and wine festivals, fairs and shows.

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