Rest assured knowing you’ve found the lowest available online rates

Our guarantee is to make you feel confident that you’re getting the best rate when you make your booking direct with

Our Israel-based reservation team have extensive product knowledge on each of our apartments and are able to explain all the services we offer. In addition, our teams are also familiar with the local area and facilities that surround the Herzliya Marina

Whatever your requirements are, we are all here to help

If you happen to find a lower rate* up to 24-hours after making your booking through an official booking channel, we will match the rate AND take an additional 25 Shekels off the rate per night

*Terms & conditions of our best rate guarantee

  • It was not via one of our official booking/reservation channels (such as our branded website or contact centre)
  • It is for the same apartment and type, i.e. two bedroom or three bedroom
  • The arrival and departure date and number of nights are the same
  • The rate is published, meaning it is available to anyone and not a closed user group or via a unique reservation/booking or promotion code
  • The currency is in NIS (Israeli Shekels) and not influenced by a currency conversion
  • It is not the result of a third-party re-seller selling at a loss

To qualify, contact us within 24-hours of making your booking on

09 77 111 46 so our team can verify the lower rate